Ja'Lisa Calaway
Ja'Lisa Calaway Owner
As a kid I stayed in the mirror fixing my hair. My appearance was very important to me. Growing up with 5 sisters someone always need something done to their hair and I was the go to sister to help out. Once I reached my high school years I began learning about the benefits of protective styles such as braids and weaves. In college, like many others I became a broke college student, I found myself spending endless amounts of money just to find quality hair extensions. It was then that I began my journey to find the perfect extensions with longevity. In May 2016 I launched Ja’Lisa’s Gorgeous Extensions – but not taking it too seriously – but the amount of clients started pouring in so quickly. For the first 6 months or so I offered delivery after school (this was my senior year of college) but then Winter came and I knew I needed to make a decision – either find a store or find a job within my field of social work. I began looking for a store front. May 2017 – 1 year later exactly I opened my store and graduated college in the same week. Here we are 5 years later still going strong offering top quality virgin and raw Indian extensions as well as custom wigs, custom hot tools, lash extensions , teeth whitening and more! [/fusion_person]